May 1, 2018


Andy Jarrett
Twelve40 CEO Andy Jarrett speaks in light of recent VSoftCo and Spiffx Deals.

Twelve40 has undergone two key strategic developmental steps within recent times, encapsulating both virtuals and sports betting games within its platform.

With an ability to offer a cost-effective route into the lottery sector via its white label solutions, the firm announced the expansion and enhancements with VSoftCo and Spiffx respectively, with the company also having an active presence in new markets, powering AfroMillionsLotto, Africa’s largest Lotto jackpot, with assessments ongoing regarding other global market entries.

Andy Jarrett, Twelve40 CEO, has been speaking to about the recent deals, the importance of expansion and how these deals enhance the offering already in place: “With iGaming being such a fast-moving industry, it’s no exaggeration to say that if you are not continually moving forward, the pace of this business leaves you at risk of falling behind. Pushing the boundaries of our offering to our partners with engaging content is of paramount importance.

“Just because traditionally the norm has been lottery alongside instants does not mean that’s the end of the discussion. For us, working closely with our operators to look at the local market, it became obvious that we should be expanding into virtuals, and signing with a provider as highly regarded as VSoftCo was an easy decision to make.

Along with our recent agreement with Spiffx, these are deals that underline our ability to capitalise on our potential with a range of exciting content and gaming entertainment, boosting our lottery offering with games that continue our tradition of providing experiences that can keep players coming back.

Whilst we provide a platform, we work with the individual operators to provide games we know will complement their offering, but also help them to experiment with content that they perhaps would not have considered, driving margins through innovation.

This is definitely a trend we will look to continue, and you can expect to receive plenty of updates from us in the coming weeks and months,” Jarret added.

With operations taking place in such a saturated environment, ensuring a modernised and appealing offering is presented can be crucial.

Jarrett spoke about this, and techniques that can be employed in order to further drive player engagement:

“Lottery games, and you might be surprised to hear virtual sports, slots and even sports betting games are becoming an increasingly important part of the puzzle when it comes to acquiring and retaining players in the lottery sector.

The awareness of lottery operators about the capacity such titles have to enhance their offering and build acquisition is starting to grow as players become used to quick bursts of lottery-esque content, whilst still hoping for a life-changing jackpot.

A targeted portfolio of constantly evolving games is known to drive both revenue and consistently higher levels of player engagement.

At Twelve40, we have a range of expertly-modelled instant win titles and some surprising alternative games built into our platform, and their popularity is certainly something we will build on to continue growing acquisition and retention.”

Totally Gaming says:

Enhancing a product and expanding into new markets and territories is crucial across a range of sectors, with a tactical and strategic approach essential to ensure the right decisions are made and are maximised when carried out. Jarrett appears to have a clear path established for Twelve40, and it will be interesting to note where exactly that takes them.