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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy for services provided by Twelve40

1. The purpose of this policy and the consequences of breaching it

1.1 This policy (the “Policy”) sets out the rules which apply when the Client uses any service (a
“Twelve40 Service”
) provided by Twelve40.

1.2 This Policy is designed to help protect Twelve40, its suppliers and its clients from the
consequences of irresponsible, illegal and unlawful activities; it is in everyone’s interest that
all users of Twelve40 services comply with this Policy.

1.3 This Policy is part of each Client’s Agreement with Twelve40. If the Client breaches this
Policy, Twelve40 may suspend or terminate the Client’s use of any Twelve40 Service in
accordance with the Agreement between Twelve40 and the Client for that Twelve40
Service, and Twelve40 may claim damages for any loss caused by that breach.

1.4 If Twelve40 thinks that the Client’s use of any Twelve40 Service involves, or may involve,
any illegal or unlawful activity, it may report that activity to the appropriate authorities.

1.5 If it is alleged that the Client’s use of any Twelve40 Service is, or involves, any illegal or
unlawful activity, Twelve40 may co-operate with an investigation that is undertaken by a
competent law enforcement or regulatory authority into that activity and may disclose any
information to that law enforcement or regulatory authority.

1.6 Twelve40 may delete, edit, block or permanently remove from its systems any material if it
has reason to believe that that material is unlawful or illegal or in some other way
breaches this Policy.

1.7 Twelve40 reserves the right immediately to remove or disable access to any material on its
systems which is, or Twelve40 suspects is, infected with a virus or which might infect or
corrupt Twelve40’s data or systems or the data or systems of any other person.

1.8 The Client must ensure that its users, everyone who accesses or uses any Twelve40
service through the Client’s IT systems and the Client’s clients who use any Twelve40
service comply with this policy.

2. Monitoring

2.1 Twelve40 may, but is not obliged to, monitor the use of any Twelve40 service to
ensure compliance with this Policy.

3. Unacceptable practices

3.1 The Client must not, when using any Twelve40 service, violate a law or regulation
which it, or Twelve40, or its suppliers are subject to.

3.2 The Client may not use any Twelve40 Service to do or attempt to do any of the

3.2.1 obtain unauthorised access to, or the use of, any data, service, system or
network, unless the Client has the permission of the owner of the data,
service, system or network;

3.2.2 probe, scan or test the vulnerability of any system or network or breach any
security, verification or authentication measures (including those of
Twelve40) unless the Client has the permission of the owner of the system
or network;

3.2.3 monitor data or traffic on any network or system unless the Client has the
permission of the owner of the system or network;

3.2.4 interfere with the provision of any service (including a Twelve40 service) to
any other person, system or network, or adversely affect the operation of
any service, system or network (including those of Twelve40), whether by
mail bombing, flooding, overloading any system or network, broadcast
attack, transmissions causing a system or network crash, or in any other

3.2.5 use an account or an IT system unless the Client has the owner’s
permission to do so;

3.2.6 collect information by deceit;

3.2.7 collect information by, without limitation, internet scamming, password theft,
phishing, security hole scanning;

3.2.8 distribute software which covertly gathers information about a user or
covertly transmits information about a user;

3.2.9 violate generally accepted standards of Internet or other networks conduct
and usage, including, but not limited to, denial of service attacks, web page
defacement, port and network scanning, and unauthorised system
penetrations; or

3.2.10 carry out any other unlawful or illegal activity.

3.3 The Client must not omit, remove, falsify or misrepresent any transmission
information, including but not limited to any:

3.3.1 TCP-IP packet header, message header; or IP address.

4. E-Mail

4.1 The Client must not use any Twelve40 Service to:

4.1.1 send unsolicited commercial messages or communications in any form (Spam); or

4.1.2 send any email if its content breaches section 3 of this policy.

3.2 The Client must ensure that all marketing and other commercial emails sent using
a Twelve40 service comply with industry best practice, and all laws and
regulations which apply to the Client’s activities.

5. Internet Fair Use Policy

5.1 Some Twelve40 Services include Internet connectivity as a bundled service. Such
Internet, or IP, feed is subject to a fair use policy. This means that Client’s use
should conform to the normal usage patterns for such a service and failure to do
so may result in suspension or termination of the service.

6. Changes to this Policy

6.1 The internet, how it is used and may be misused, and the law relating to that use
and misuse frequently change. Therefore Twelve40 reserves the right to update or
modify this policy from time to time without prior notice by publishing the revised
version of this policy on its website.

6.2 Although Twelve40 will try to notify a Designated Contact by email of any changes
to this Policy, the Client must check the Twelve40 website at for updates and modifications to this Policy. Those updates and modifications will be binding on the Client (even if the Client has not checked whether there have been any changes to this Policy and whether or not Twelve40 has given notice of them).

This Policy was last updated and issued on 1 February 2017.


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